comprehensive range 

We offer only the best quality products at affordable everyday prices.

At Bestway Supermarket you, the customer, are our main priority. 

we strive to offer you the widest range of products from all over the world to meet your needs at unbeatable prices. every time you shop at Bestway Supermarket you will be rest assured you're buying fresh.

We stock all good brands of soft drinks, confectionery and snacks. you can buy individual cans and bottles chilled in the fridge to quench your immediate thirst or get them in the larger packs for maximum value.
Convenience of doing all of your shopping in one place
so you can spend your time with whats really important.

*Only at Lonsdale Store

*Only at Lonsdale Store

A huge range of spices & herbs to make your dishes as rich in flavour and interesting as you are.